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   M.Arch. Thesis   
"Reinventing Sustainability of Vernacular: Bioclimatic Residential Architecture for New York City". Concepts of vernacular architecture across the globe are examined, tested and reinvented through environmental analysis software and bioclimatic data to generate sustainable residential architecture for New York City. Offsetting electrical loads of residential buildings’ cooling during the summer, the project investigates and evaluates aerodynamic shapes capable of capturing the wind and using it as a passive HVAC whereas resulting forms also provide dynamic social spaces. The idea of a building functioning as a living organism is explored through wind + insolation + daylighting form-finding and adaptive building skins responding to seasonal environmental condition.
+ Academic Project
+ Fall 2014
+ Cornell University, College
   of Architecture, Art, and
+ Software: Autodesk Vasari
   Revit Architecture, Ecotect
   Photoshop, Illustrator,
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