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   Parametric Studio   
This new type of library creates a connection between Morningside Park, St. John the Divine Cathedral, Amsterdam Ave. and W. 113th St. Program is arranged based on pedestrian circulation and public transportation connectivity. Exposed book storage operated by Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is used to increase interest in books as physical entities as opposed to digital media. Book stacks with ASRS are put on display creating a spectacle of modern mechanization while serving as a part of enclosure. Arrangement of the book stacks is based on subdivision concept derived from the geometry studies of St. John Cathedral's rose window. Subdivision concept is used to efficiently store books by their size since handling and retrieval is fully automated.
+ Academic Project
+ Fall 2012
+ Cornell University, College
   of Architecture, Art, and
+ Software: Autodesk Vasari
   Revit Architecture, Ecotect
   Photoshop, Illustrator
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