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   USGBC Natural Talent   
USGBC Natural Talent Design Competition 2010 requirements asked for a hurricane proof, ADA accessible, LEED Platinum 880 sq.ft. single-family home within a budget of $100,000 or less. Working with Sean Moran I was happy to see our project Resilient Broadmoor earn us the First Place Award for the Emerging Professionals team at Illinois USGBC chapter.
Project Team: Sean Moran, Yuriy Chernets, Jake Patton, Eric Wittmer.
+ Collaborated on the concept and schematic design.
+ Solely responsible for producing Revit model, drawings, visualization and all competition deliverables.
+ Professional Work /
   / Competition Entry
+ Spring 2010
+ USGBC / Newgrange
+ Software: Revit
   Architecture, Ecotect,
   eQUEST, Adobe
   Photoshop, Illustrator
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