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   Lake House Tutorials   
Being always interested in not only gaining professional expertise but also sharing the knowledge I organized workshops and created tutorials on Revit Architecture. While this vacation house design is a personal project, I chose to make it a study prototype and a playground for testing various workshops at Perkins Eastman Architects and Cornell University. Conducted four tutorials at Perkins Eastman Architects covering Revit conceptual mass modeling, linear and pattern-based curtain panels, adaptive components, texturizing and rendering. Over the course of two years organized and conducted monthly tutorials at Cornell University covering basic and advanced modeling, conceptual mass modeling, graphics, interflow between Rhino and Revit, modeling with Revit / rendering with Rhino & VRay.
+ Professional Work
+ Summer 2012-2014
+ Cornell University
+ Perkins Eastman
+ Software: Revit
   Architecture, Adobe
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