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   Comprehensive Studio
+ Academic Project
+ Spring 2013
+ Cornell University, College
   of Architecture, Art, and
+ Software: Autodesk Vasari
   Revit Architecture, Ecotect
   Photoshop, Illustrator,
The shape of Mannahatta School (K-12) and its landscaping recreates the natural edge that Mannahatta island used to have before 1609. The design employs wetlands and tall grasses to create a natural barrier protecting the main structure from flooding while providing a scenic public promenade. Geometric folds of the building’s shape protect courtyards from prevailing strong winds while also providing flooding shelter. All glazing is facing south and north with south-facing overhangs, the entire volume facing east is covered by green roof, west side is shaded by the existing buildings. By employing these strategies Mannahatta School provides a vibrant, dynamic environment for the children, green space rare in Financial District, and a starting point for flooding barrier strategies.
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